Highly Praised By Exhibitors

Time:2018-03-10 17:00       Author:AAITF


Mr. Tong-Cai CAI, Vice-President of RoadRover Technology Company Ltd.

“We reserved a 1,200 ㎡ exhibition space at AAITF and attained favorable and lasting results.  Two months after the show, our company was still receiving plenty of new orders from the buyers who were attracted by AAITF.  We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation with AAITF.”

Mr. Yi HE, Vice General Manager of ShenzhenCHIEF Co., Ltd

“The impact of the exhibition was better than we expected, we did lots of business during the show.  Before the exhibition, an Indonesian customer learned of our products through an organizer’s promotion, and they procured the products we show cased this time. We very much appreciate the great work that the organizers' did.”

Mr. Neng-Jiu ZHU, Marketing Manager of Shenzhen Skypine Co., Ltd

“Jiuzhou Tarsus is highly recognized by the industry, which had the advantageous location of Southern distribution centre for electronic products.  AAITF is already a famous platform for the auto navigation industry to present their new products annually.”

Ms. Feng-Xi LIU, General Manager of Shanghai Astrace Window Films Co., Ltd

“We launched a series of new products at AAITF and the show helped us break our sales records again. With 20 years of industrial experience, AAITF has been building an effective platform between suppliers and 4S stores / groups. The show lets more people gain a better understanding of our products.”

Kumhu Tires - GM Mr. Li

This year's AAITF is an excellent Trade Fair. We are very satisfied with the number of visitors and the quality of the on-site service.

Alpine Electronic

Objectively speaking, AAITF  has been beyond our expectations. We launched our latest product, AV-ICS-X8 knowing that the exhibition was going to be an impressive one.


This is the first time  our company has exhibited at AAITF. It has been an excellent platform to display our products. I had no idea the show was going to be so good for displaying our products to the Chinese market.

Hirschmann Car Communication

Compared with the last fair, this year's AAITF has been very special. It has been on such a huge scale with so many satellite events taking place at the same time. There are a lot of benefits for exhibitors and I hope the next AAITF will be even better!

Nano Film

We are a Korean Company who are popular in our own country, however we wanted to display our products to the Chinese market. AAITF was a really good platform for this.

Hote Hi-tech

Thank you AAITF for giving us such a good platform to communicate our brand. We are very pleased with the service provided by the organizers.

SolarGard Thin Films-China Marketing Manager

AAITF helped us to display our corporate image and strengthen the communication between 4S Stores and Car-owners. We exhibited the new series carfilm, especially for the 4S stores. Our booth is larger than last year. This year's show has had more activities and has in general been more impressive.